Amanda Beard - Olympic Swimmer 

Amanda Beard Photos

Congratulations on winning the gold medal and a couple silver medals for the USA. Amanda definately deserves to win. Found a few more hot pics of Amanda Beard so I'll post them here. She is sizzling in these photos. Amanda Beard definately has that look. Those eyes are great.

Amanda Beard Nude

Here is another photo of Amanda Beard.

Amanda Beard Topless

Amanda Beard - Olympic Swimmer

Amanda Beard jumped onto the swimming scene in 1995 at the age of 13, qualifying for the Pan Pacific Championships, winning bronze medals in both breaststrokes and a silver in the medley relay. Olympic Medalist Amanda Beard is also a 4-Time Olympic Medalist and has won a Gold and two Silvers at the 1996 centennial Olympic Games. But more importantly is the fact that Amanda Beard is hot and she has posed many times for the camera and I hope to post a lot of those pictures of Amanda Beard here. Ultimately, I would like to get some choice shots of Amanda Beard nude or Amanda Beard topless. I'm sure she would get plenty of money to do it.

Recently, Amanda Beard has posed for some pictures with FHM that were pretty hot. It's not quite Amanda beard nude but pretty close and it'll have to do for now.

Amanda Beard

Just from the looks of these photos Amanda beard is hot and Amanda Beard nude would look even hotter. With the second photo we get a taste of Amanda beard topless but it'd be nice if she forgot the towel on this photo.

Amanda Beard

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